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新博appFault phenomena

新博appFault cause


新博appSerious noise

Oil sucking filter blockage

新博appCleaning filter

Low viscosity of oil

新博appReplacement of hydraulic oil with suitable viscosity

新博appLow oil surface in oil tank

新博appAdd oil to the upper limit of the oil mark

新博appOil suction pipe joint leakage

新博appTighten the joint or replace the O ring of the oil sucking flange

Coupling loosening

新博appRepair or replace a coupling

新博appWear or damage of oil pump

新博appRepair or replace an oil pump

Piping vibration

Screw the screw to tighten the connecting line

Down vibration and loud noise of the main cylinder

新博appThe pressure of the balance valve is too large

Reduce the pressure of the support valve to the medium plate without falling

新博appLack of pressure or pressure

Overheating of oil pump

Reduce oil temperature or repair oil pump

Wear or damage of oil pump

Repair or replace an oil pump

新博appLow viscosity of oil

Use the recommended hydraulic oil

新博appDamage or failure of pressure regulating valve

Cleaning, repair or replacement of pressure regulating valve

新博appDamage of piston seal

Replacement of piston seals

新博appMain cylinder slide

新博appUpside pressure relief valve has dirty card

Cleaning, repairing or replacing the overflow valve

Damage of fast cylinder seal

新博appReplacement of fast cylinder seal

新博appThe downlink of the main cylinder can not go down after slow down

新博appFailure or damage of the filling valve

新博appRepair or replace a fluid filling valve

新博appThere is no fast or no slow down speed in the main cylinder

新博appQuick turn slow solenoid valve malfunction

新博appCleaning, repairing, or replacing a solenoid valve

The main cylinder is slow or can't go up

新博appThe high upward pressure is the failure of the filling valve

新博appRepair or replace a fluid filling valve

新博appLow uplink pressure is insufficient for uplink pressure or damage of fast cylinder seal

High pressure or replacement of fast cylinder seal

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